Fully Automated Unmanned Weighbridge

Papyrus Africa Ltd provides weighbridge owners with the flexibility of running an unmanned weighbridge system. Ideal for 24 hour operations, keep your weighbridge running smoothly without a dedicated weighbridge operator, lowering operational costs and extending the hours of availability. The console guides the driver through the weighing process via a series of on-screen prompts, collecting and storing vehicle and weight data, then transferring it directly into your weighbridge operator system.

As drivers are not required to physically leave their vehicle during the weighing process, unmanned weighbridge systems are an ideal tool to improve business efficiency, driver turnaround time and health as safety on site.

  • The Unmanned Weighbridge System is a standalone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of operator. Due to the system’s easy interface it is totally operated by the truck driver. Moreover Imagic Solution custom designs the system to suit the specific requirements of your operations..
  • Imagic Solution Provide Two Way Weighment System on weighbridge means vehicle enter both side for weighment. also we can pre fix weighbridge for weighment if they try another weighbridge system cannot allow to weighment.
  • Automated Weighbridge System – Imagic Software is a intelligent solution that turns your weighbridge to a simple unattended terminal, eliminating the need of weighbridge operator. The system can be customized with many add-ons like camera plate recognition, surveillance cameras, traffic barriers, traffic lights, etc.
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1. Long-lasting value

Papyrus weighbridges are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue – equivalent to more than two million weighments.

2. Tough from start to finish

Papyrus weighbridges go through an extensive finishing process: blast-cleaning to remove mill scale and surface imperfections, maximum coating adhesion preparation, high-solids urethane primer and paint application, and as asphalt emulsion under coating on all non-visible steel surfaces.

3. A solid foundation

Matching the correct foundation to specific soil conditions is critical to scale performance. Factory specialists and authorized distributors will assist in specifying the proper type for each application site.

4. Breathing room below

Open-bottom design, eliminating the cavity where rust-causing moisture can collect. Asphalt emulsion coating is applied to all non-visible steel surfaces and undersides, adding extra protection from moisture and corrosive elements to prolong the life of the scale.

5. Advanced design

Design engineers use the most advanced Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) software to examine high-stress areas and design weighbridges based on actual loading characteristics. Custom sizes are a standard procedure and can be manufactured to easily fit existing foundations.

6. Self-checking Mounting System

We use the most advanced Finite Analysis (FEA) software to examine high-stress areas and design weighbridges based on actual loading characteristics.

7. Integrated Load Cell Pockets

Top access to load cells and junction boxes through an integrated load cell pockets are made with heavy-duty steel plates incorporated into the design of the scale, adding extraordinary strength and integrity to a critical area of the weighbridge.