GLR Alphanumeric Repeater

Alphanumeric graphic repeater with RGB HIGH LUMINOSITY LED matrix, ideal for displaying weight and operational messages. Depending on the connected indicator, it is possible to display weight with large digits or customisable operational messages. RGB technology allows you to change the colour displayed, with a traffic light function (red, yellow, green). CE-M approved (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

weighing Indicator-repeater



  • Painted steel container, with protection rating IP54. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use (suitably protected from rain).
  • RGB HIGH LUMINOSITY LED matrix display, 605×150 mm.
  • Numerical mode: up to 6 digits, h= 110mm with metrological icons (stability, zeroing, NET, etc.)
  • Alphanumeric mode: up to 2 lines of 16 characters, h= 42 mm.
  • 240 Vac power supply through 2-metre cable.
  • Rear fixings M6, l= 9 mm, centre-to-centre distance 170×112 mm



6-digit 110mm Weight repeater

Alphanumeric display with gross and tare weight in the selected language (two 42mm lines)

Display colour management (red, yellow or green), synchronised with the connected weight indicator (only in combination with TOUCH SCREEN series indicators)

On request:

– Fully customisable messages, with descriptions, databases, free texts, formulas, targets, etc.

– Screen saver with date and time, displayed when the scale is not in use

– Scroll texts

AVAILABLE MODES with DFW, DGT, 3590E and CPW indicators

Weight repeater with 6-digit 110mm


RS485 port for long distance transmission (up to 1000 m) or radio (up to 70m indoor, 150m outdoor). To be combined with indicator provided with RS485 or radio communication port. RS485 cable with 10m IP67 cable as standard.