Digital Weighbridge

The Weighbridge/Weighing truck is designed for high precision weighing, sturdiness and reliability.

Our weighing systems utilize up to 35% more steel content than competitor truck scales, providing the deck support and overall weighbridges strength to last a generation or more.

All electronics are hermetically sealed to endure all weather conditions. The robust design means that the weighbridge requires minimal maintenance, and has high reliability to give a low cost of ownership. The load cells and indicator are factory calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.

The modular new generation weighbridges are suitable in industrial, agricultural, and commercial fields.


Main Features

  • Bearing structure formed by reinforced steel beams.
  • Sturdy load surface in very thick antislip sheet steel, which guarantees extreme rigidity with every type of vehicles.
  • Anticorrosive treatments and high-resistance painting.
  • Double shear-beam IP68 load cells, C3 precision class, EN45501 approved, complete of spherical selfcentering oscillating joints, for compensating the thermal expansions, guaranteeing safe weighs and long term accuracy.
  • The load capacity complies with the 96/53/EC Directive which defines the maximum axle load for the vehicles transiting in Europe (version for higher loads is available upon request).
  • Inspected trapdoors for cells maintenance.
  • Reduced height (up to 370 mm from the resting surface).
    IP68 junction box, complete of 30m connection cable to the indicator.
  • Dual range 3000 + 3000e CE-M approval. Wide range of available weight indicators and accessories.