Bunker Weigher /Hopper scale

Discontinuous totaliser
Weighing of bulk products during loading, unloading, silo transfer,other transfers, etc.
The ABS-XL hopper scale is particularly appropriate for use on food plants, and with storage and port silos.

The characteristics of the SCS bunker weigher (Hopper Scale) has the following advantages:

  • Automatic checking of net weight.
  • No time or capacity loss due to load cell calibrations.
  • Automatic recording of all deviations. Maintenance friendly and a minimum loss due to being out of use.
  • MID – AWI approved (OIML R107 klasse 0.2).


Bunker Weigher ABS-XL-SCS

(Self Checking Scale) is a special version of the ABS-XL and it comes with 2 load cells. The load cells are as  per corner that continuously compare the weighing results. There after the final net weight  passes on to the controller when the results of both load cells are identical. If these values ​​are not the same, it triggers an alarm and the weighing process stops automatically if there are large differences.