Saeco Aulika Focus

This is a professional coffee machine for the professional market. Perfect for the office and small HoReCa venues.

Saeco knows how important is good coffee, this is why they created a specialistic line of products – Aulika. Perfect for preparing a number of beverages, including these with fresh milk. They are easy in use and conservation, adjusted to your needs.

Aulika Focus is a coffee machine that was created for demanding users. The modern and esthetic design gets your attention, foreshadowing with its professional look top-quality beverage. Graphic display and interface equipped with 8 direct selection keys, allows for easy and fast usage.Coffee machines from Aulika series have the most recent functions invented by Saeco, including “one touch logic” system. Thanks to that every Cappuccino, or any other beverage based on milk and coffee, will be always of the best quality.

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  • One Touch Cappuccino – milk coffees at a click of a button,
  • 2 coffee cups simultaneously,
  • coffee strength adjustment,
  • double pump, double boiler,
  • Hot water / steam wand,
  • coffee bean container: 350 g,
  • water container: 2,2 l,
  • coffee grounds capacity: 18,
  • drip tray: 1 l
  • Coffee dispenser height adjustment,
  • Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore,
  • pre-ground function,
  • cup warmer,
  • absorbed power: 1400 W
  • weight: 15 kg
  • dimensions (w x h x d): 334 x 380 x 452 mm