Micro Analytical Balances

Many people tend to overlook static electricity, this can be a fatal source of error in precise weight measurements. With the BM Series, A&D solutions aim to help you perform sometimes-tricky analytical weighing with simplicity and accuracy, including the elimination of static electricity. The world of micro grams (µg) is now accessible to all researchers.


Built-in Fanless Ionizer

The internal ionizer neutralizes an electrostatically charged object instantly. Simply hold the sample in the neutralizing chamber for a second before placing it in the weighing chamber.

Anti-static Breeze Break

The thin evaporated metal coating of the breeze break blocks outside static electricity.

Motor-driven Internal Calibration Mass

The internal mass of the BM Series allows you to perform calibration quickly and correctly even if you are not skilled at calibrating balances using external masses.

Large Weighing Chamber for Improved Usability

To block drafts, A&D adopted a double-ring structure around the weighing pan and two vertical shields under the separation plate. This offers more space and easier operation than conventional 1 µg balances with a secondary breeze break in the chamber

Diverse Data Management Solutions

  • Data Memory Function The balance can store up to 200 sets of weighing data (100 sets with date & time) or 50 sets of calibration history data.
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant Output In accordance with the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), the balance can output the balance manufacturer, model, serial number, ID number, date, time, calibration mass used, space for signature, etc. Ethernet Interface (BM-08, optional) with WinCT-Plus Software You can send commands for controlling and acquiring data from multiple balances.
  • Two Types of Interfaces – RS-232C and Quick USB (standard) Two different devices (e.g. PC and remote controller) can be connected simultaneously to a balance. An external key jack for the optional foot switches (AX-SW137-PRINT/REZERO) is also available as standard.