Nemox – Gelato 5K Crea sc i-Green

Produce  1.25 kg (7,75 l.) in 12-15 min – 5 kg  (7 l.) Hour

– 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico – Semi-Soft Ice Cream – Granita – Shock freezing).
– 4 Specific storage programs selectable depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product.


GELATO 5K CREA i-Green  for restaurants, caterers, community, pastry shops, coffee shops, small dairy business, ice cream laboratories.
It has the best cost-performances ratio, it is the perfect investment that results in a return of investment in only a few weeks.

It makes around 1,25 Kg of gelato, ice cream, sorbet every 12/15 minutes, 5 kgs per hours. Air cooling. Removable cord.
In manual mode the operation of the compressor and paddle are independent to make the most user’s experience. The storage function can start only and if it’s necessary. An electronic device stops the paddle when the consistency of the preparation is excessive, thus preventing compromising the mechanical functions of the machine. The cooling system will continue to run until you stop it manually .

Automatic mode, allows you to choose one of the 4 production programs available (classic Italian gelato, semi-soft gelato, Granita, fast cooling) and 4 storage programs for every production type. With this operating mode you will not have to worry about anything. Once the selections are made and the ice cream machine starts. It produces ice cream and automatically switches to preservation mode.

Thanks to the CREA series, producing, storing, and dispensing Gelato has never been so easy!
The green “heart”, highlighted by the design, allows to operate in an ecological, efficient way, saving electricity while respecting the environment.

Accessories included:

  • Gelato spatula
  • Removable inserts set
  • Gasket set
  • Brush for cleaning the drain opening