Kayser Stainless Steel Cream Whipper – Cream Dispenser

The WHIPcreamer INOX is the professional cream whipper from the Kayser product family and is suitable for use with both hot and cold products as well as for both sweet and spicy recipes.

Model : kayser


Kayser Cream Dispenser

This state of the art creamer has been tested and certified in accordance with European rules on food contact materials and is also NSF approved.  The head and piston of the WHIPcreamer INOX, like the bottle, are made of high quality, rust free stainless steel.  This ensures reliability, durability and simple handling and enables the creamer to be used in HACCP compliant environments.  All components of the WHIPcreamer INOX can be effectively and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.  Ergonomic design combined with state of the art technology make the WHIPcreamer INOX the perfect all rounder for the professional kitchen.