Bowl Cutters

– Sturdy body in die-cast and extruded aluminium.

– Motor and tank side-by-side, permitting the merchandise to be isolated from the warmth.

– S/S bowl with handles and heavy bottom.

– High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation

– Strong cutlery steel knives.

– Safety micro-switch on lid.

– Micro-switch on lever.

– Lid in clear Tritan permitting glorious visibility during processing.

– Lid with gap to feature ingredients throughout operation.

– Scraper spatula for clean up of the tank and lid throughout process.

– Standard: spatula and sharpening stones.

– Variotronic: stabilised speed variator.


Bowl Cutters

Available model

C-tronic Series


– Hub with toothed blades.

– Hub with holed blades.

– Hub for pesto.

– Hub for dough mixes.