Whippak – Puratos

  • Sweetened UHT non-dairy cream for patisserie
  • Very creamy mouthfeel with a neutral taste profile
  • Works perfect as a base for fillings and can be mixed with dairy cream to add stability
Customer advantages
  • UHT sterilised: storage at room temperature (max.20°C)
  • Ready-to-whip
  • Excellent stability: shelf life of finished goods is three days
  • Overrun: 350%
  • Freeze-thaw stable

Puratos whippak


It is a multi-purpose non-dairy cream with a neutral taste profile and a very creamy mouthfeel.Non-dairy toppings are used as a base for all kinds of desserts from mousse cakes to diplomat creams to ganaches. Whippak non-dairy cream goes one step further and adds lightness and stability to the mix, making it the perfect base for your own customised fillings.

When blended with dairy cream, Whippak adds extra stability and performance so that you can use it pure, either as a filling or as decoration. In addition, Whippak’s neutral taste profile means it never conflicts with the taste of your flavouring agents, chocolate or other ingredients.