Soft’r Impala – Puratos

Improver for soft breads and rolls. Formulated to bring freshness, shelf life, volume and tolerance. Dosage at 0,3%.

Product description

  • Increase shelf life of medium to sweet bakery goods
  • Contain the latest enzyme and emulsifier technology
  • To have a great texture untill end of shelf life

Soft’r improvers give packaged breads a truly fantastic texture all the way to the end of their shelf life. This is because Soft’r improvers boast the latest enzyme and emulsifier technologies, acting on crumb texture and formation to give customers the mouthfeel and freshness that they are after.

Along with these complete solutions, Puratos also offers a range of modular ingredients that can improve the textural properties of your application as well as reduce the costs of your recipes. These include Puraslim, Intens, and Soft’r Melting.


Soft’r Impala

Soft’r is the brand name for a large range of improvers and bases. Designed specifically for packaged breads and soft baked goods, Soft’r improvers contain the very latest in enzyme and emulsifier technology, giving your applications fantastic texture until the very end of their shelf life.