O-tentic Durum – Puratos

O-tentic Durum is a unique active bakery component that gives you the creative freedom to make breads with authentic taste and texture. Inspired by the southern-Italian sourdough that has durum wheat flour at its heart, O-tentic Durum is perfect for creating crusty Mediterranean-style breads that taste aromatic and nutty, as well as creamy. By adding only flour, salt, and water to O-tentic active components, you can make bread that has its own unique natural taste and structure. Easy to use and based on natural ingredients, O-tentic lets you produce bread that is highly reminiscent of artisan tradition: tasty, fresh and extremely high-quality.


O-tentic Durum

Active bakery ingredient based on sourdough. It gives you the opportunity to create delicious breads with the taste and texture of the good old days. O-tentic Durum is available in powder form and gives your bread a typical aroma of Italian breads (roasted, nutty and wooden fl avour). Based on durum wheat sourdough from Altamura (Italy).

  • Patented enzyme technology
  • Enhances both taste and texture of end product