Mimetic 32 – Puratos

If up to 40% of a recipe is fat, choosing the right fat for your creations is key. Puratos can help you! After years of investigating the formulation of fats, our R&D-teams developed a specialty fat which we called MIMETIC.

It is a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients and a lot of formulation know-how. MIMETIC is a specialty fat offering the perfect answer towards consumer demands (taste, freshness and health) and our customers challenges (workability, convenience, profitability).


  • MIMETIC 32 is a new generation of specialty fats providing an excellent eating experience (buttery sensation) together with an exceptional workability
  • Superior quality of end-products (croissants, danishes, puff pastries, cakes, soft dough, cookies, short crust)
  • In line with consumer needs (taste, freshness and health) and industrial needs (1-on-1 replacement in recipe), for direct and long shelf life processes and frozen applications