Cuisipak Cooking Cream – Puratos

With its luxurious dense texture, Cuisipak will instantly thicken all your soups and sauces and does not curdle when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients like lemon, spices, vinegar or mustard. On the contrary, just whisk Cuisipak over a low heat and add a few drops of lemon juice to create a creamier consistency and fresher flavour. Then just add the ingredients of your choice – herbs, spices, cheese – to produce an deliciously appetizing and original dish.Puratos Cuisipak



Cuisipak is an unsweetened non-dairy cream developed for savoury applications such as soups and sauces, or even salad dressings

Product description

  • Unsweetened UHT non-dairy cream for cooking
  • Excellent thickening properties
  • Doesn’t curdle when mixed with acidic ingredients

Year after year, research shows that what consumers want most from their food is new and interesting flavours. At Puratos, we know that one of the best ways of delivering these flavours is through the medium of cream-based sauces. Highly versatile and pairable with all kinds of meat and fish, creamy sauces provide an easy base for creating endless new flavours. And there is no easier base than Cuisipak.